NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA), a major US chip and graphics processing unit maker, said it lost company and employee information in a cyberattack, CNN reported, and that the attacker allegedly leaked employee credentials as well as NVIDIA proprietary information online after the breach.

The company became aware of the security breach on February 23, although it wasn’t immediately apparent from NVIDIA reports when the attack took place, the CNN says the report. NVIDIA added that it is currently working to analyze the information that was leaked as a result of the hack.

Key points to remember

  • Chipmaker NVIDIA Corp. suffered a cyberattack that compromised proprietary information and employee credentials.
  • The company said it did not believe the attack was related to the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict, nor was it the result of ransomware being deployed in its environment.
  • A hacking team by the name “Lapsus$” reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack.
  • NVIDIA does not anticipate any disruption to its business as a result of the breach.

Emerging Attack Details

NVIDIA said it had “no evidence” that ransomware was deployed to its environment in connection with the attack. Likewise, he does not believe the breach is related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which has sparked global concerns over cybersecurity.

A ransomware operation known as “Lapsus$” reportedly claimed responsibility for the leaked information. CNN reports that this operation appears to contain information about schematics, drivers, firmware and other NVIDIA data related to its products.

NVIDIA does not anticipate that its business operations will be disrupted by the attack, the CNN says the report.