MEL B only has “£ 961” left in one of his company accounts according to new reports.

It comes after a court heard that the star “blew up her multi-million Spice Girls’ fortunes” as legal proceedings began in her bitter divorce battle.


Mel B and her husband made ‘foolhardy’ choices with their moneyCredit: Splash News

The singer, 42, faced Stephen Belafonte, who she said tortured her with years of physical and mental abuse, in Los Angeles court on Friday.

The couple both have unpaid tax debts after making “reckless” lifestyle choices, Los Angeles Superior Court was told.

Grace Jamra, representing Belafonte, said: “She wiped out all of her Spice Girls’ money, about $ 50 million if not more.”

New reports now claim that Mel has ‘only £ 961’ in one of his company’s bank accounts due to his ‘extravagant lifestyle’.

A source told The Sunday People: “Mel is an international superstar, still working as a judge on America’s Got Talent, but she only has a small amount of money in the bank, according to Companies House. People can be very surprised.

The newspaper claims that Moneyspider Productions, which she set up in 1997, only has £ 961 left in her account.

    Mel B may have spent all her money on the Spice Girls


Mel B may have spent all her money on the Spice Girls

They also report that Mel owed 20% of the income of Spice Girls Limited, which stood at £ 109,987 as of August 31, 2016.

Jacalyn Davis, representing Mel, said their tax problems were “supported by reckless lifestyle choices”.

“They never had any money at the end of the year to pay their taxes. All their community income was spent, then some. In this marriage, that would be Miss Brown’s income from the Spice Girls. “

Mel took a temporary restraining order against Stephen, who she said got their nanny pregnant, and claims the abuse was so severe that she tried to overdose.

    Stephen Belafonte has been accused of abusing Mel


Stephen Belafonte has been accused of abusing MelCredit: Splash News

And the pop icon, who filed for divorce on March 20, said Stephen subjected her to “multiple physical beatings” and threatened to post a sex tape.

In a file filed earlier this year, she wrote: “I tried to leave the Respondent on several occasions. Every time I tried, the Respondent threatened me with violence and threatened to destroy my life in every way.

Stephen Belafonte, who denies all accusations and says he’s been made off as a “bad guy,” refutes claims that Mel is in trouble after splashing his money.

    Mel B and Stephen Belafonte have a child together


Mel B and Stephen Belafonte have a child togetherCredit: Getty Images

He says she earns between “$ 220,000 and $ 250,000 per month” after landing a $ 1.587 million contract with America’s Got Talent, adding that she earns $ 300,000 per year from her work with a company of nutrition.

In court, Belanfonte was also accused of being “involved in adult pornography” and “importing women from other countries” to work in the industry as well as “possible money laundering”.

Meanwhile, the court also heard arguments over whether Mel B should pay her ex-spouse alimony and £ 154,000 in legal fees.

Belafonte’s lawyers called the allegations “outrageous and unfounded” and “nothing more than a smear campaign”.

The Sun Online has reached out to reps for the former couple for comment.

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