MARDAN: Khadim Nabi, a resident of Lower Dir district, said on Thursday that the Election Commission of Pakistan declared the donation he made as foreign funding in the case of foreign funding banned by PTI without verification.

“And this is a transaction from my personal company account, for which I accept all kinds of responsibility,” he added.

Addressing a press conference at the Mardan Press Club, Khadim Nabi said he traveled to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2008 for a job. He added that later in 2010 he set up a company in the name of Next Point Computer and registered it in Sharjah. He added that he has now changed the name of his company.

He said he was a Pakistani passport holder, the sole owner of the company in Sharjah and the account from which the transaction was made is still used by him. He said that whatever comes to him from overseas he donates to PTI and other charities.

He said he is a patriotic Pakistani, and apart from the PTI, no political party has contacted him regarding the relief fund. He added that he transferred the funds to the PTI account titled PTI LLC America. However, he did not reveal the amount of funds he transferred to the PTI account. He added that he started a transaction with PTI after Minar-e-Pakistan gathering before the year 2013. He added that after 2013 he did not do any transaction with PTI.