ULHASNAGAR: Seven thieves from a gang who allegedly tried to break into the premises of a financial company in Ulhasnagar were arrested on Sunday morning. Police say they foiled the theft attempt just in time and caught the seven red-handed. One of their accomplices managed to escape.

Last week, the gang rented a store in the locality of Camp 4, next to the Muthoot Finance office. The accused had told the store owner that he would open a fruit store. Their plan was to break into the company premises with which the store shares a wall, said Deputy Inspector Harshal Rajput of the Vithalwadi Police Station. “The company gives loans against collateral. So the gang had laid eyes on jewelry and money in the office. The office had valuables worth Rs 10 crore hidden inside, ”Rajput said.

What the gang members did not know was that the police had previously been made aware of a plan to theft at a local finance company. Without specific information, the cops had watched around the financial companies of the locality, declared the chief inspector of the police force KP Thorat.

At around 11:30 p.m. Saturday, a police patrol team noticed “unusual and frenzied” activity in the building where Muthoot Finance’s office is located. “A few men were buzzing at this hour. In addition, a drone-like hum was within earshot, ”said Deputy Inspector Rajput. As the cops got closer, they heard the sound of a drilling rig, an official said. Realizing that those hiding inside could be a handful for the patrol team, more reinforcements were dispatched.
The police team forced the gang to open the shutter. They found gas-cutting machines in Jimmy’s lockers, screwdrivers, gas cylinders and a gun.
One of them escaped, Chief Inspector Thorat said. Those arrested were identified as Jahir Ahmed (30 years old), Immamuddin Qasim Khan (57 years old) both from Uttar Pradesh, Ram Singh (32 years old from Nepal and four from Jharkhand – Rijaul Shaikh (35 years old), Kalu Shaikh (55), Tapan Mandal (48) and Ajim Shaikh (28) Five of them were also involved in similar burglaries in Thane, Surat and Delhi, another policeman said.
To concern Seven arrests before committing robbery at Muthoot’s finance office in Ulhasnagar