Congressman Steven Horsford admits transferring money in 2019 from his company, Resources + Partners, to then-mistress Gabriela Linder, raising questions about how much outside income he is allowed to receive under the rules of the House.

“As he said before, any money provided to Ms Linder was a gift from personal income,” Horsford chief of staff Asha Jones said.

“We’re not talking about peanuts,” said Linder, who declined to specify a total amount but provided Current with records of money transfer apps reflecting multiple payments.

Resource + Partners payment amounts are redacted on records.

Horsford admitted in May that he had a consensual relationship outside of his marriage when the Las Vegas Review-Journal identified Linder, who hosted a podcast under the pseudonym Love Jones, in which she opened up about her alleged affair with an unidentified member of Congress.

House rules of ethics limit the amount of outside income members can earn. The limit was $ 28,440 in 2019 and $ 28,845 in 2020.

Horsford’s office did not say how much the congressman offered Linder, but said it did not exceed the income threshold he was allowed by House rules. The income, according to staff members, will be reported in Horsford’s 2019 financial statement, which he has not yet filed.

Horsford has not reported any outside earnings since the start of the year on May 15, 2019, when he filed his 2018 disclosure.

Two payments to Linder – one in August 2019 and another the following month – were made by Resources + Partners. Another payment reflected on the September 2019 record was made directly from Horsford.

Linder says Horsford also funded giveaways through the corporate account in 2020, but she did not provide evidence.

“I’m keeping specific details for the book,” she said.

The federal government allows individuals to donate up to $ 14,000 per year tax free.

Horsford founded Resources + Partners in December 2014, a month after losing his candidacy for re-election in Nevada Congressional District 4. He regained the seat in 2018 and is running for re-election.

“The congressman has publicly disclosed his relationship with Resources + LLC, which is confirmed to be fully admissible under the ethics rules of the House for a number of reasons, including the fact that he did not perceive any salary, “Jones said in a statement. She later added that “any compensation he received was below the allowable cap.”

The Horsford congressional office defended his position as a managing member of Resources + Partners, saying in a statement that he had “no fiduciary relationship as the company currently does not generate any income” and “there are many examples of members in unpaid positions that are ethically authorized. ”

“In addition, the member’s name of Congress was not used in any solicitation and there was no conflict of interest. On top of that, he recently ended his controlling stake in Resources +, ”Jones said.

Until last week, the Nevada Secretary of State listed Horsford as a Managing Member of Resources + Partners.

The Secretary of State’s records indicate that on July 7, after inquiries from the Running, Horsford was replaced as a managing member of Resources + by Zelle Holdings, LTD, a Nevada company formed in November 2019. The file lists former MGM lobbyist Uri Clinton and Sabrena Clinton as managing members. Uri Clinton did not answer phone calls.

The Horsford office says the timing of the current investigation and his dismissal as a managing member is a coincidence and that he has been in negotiations since February to transfer the ownership of the company. According to the Horsford office, House Ethics cleared the transfer because the congressman did not receive any money.

In professions involving fiduciary relationships, House rules prohibit Members of Parliament from taking outside employment and earning income, and encourage a liberal interpretation of “fiduciary”.

“In general, the ban extends to consultation or advice in commercial matters,” according to a bipartite working group.

Horsford’s 2018 financial disclosure says it provided media planning and buying services, as well as diversity and workforce training services for clients such as MGM National Harbor in the Maryland, MGM Resorts International in Las Vegas and UNITE HERE, the parent union of Culinary Local 226.

He claims to have received $ 35,000 in “owner’s disbursement / earned income” in 2018, in addition to a salary of $ 72,005.