Television has long had major financial problems; Last November, a creditor filed for insolvency at the station.

“As a result of the coordinated intimidation actions carried out by the Czech digital group and Česká Radiokomunikace, the debtor found himself in a situation where he was more than a month behind on his obligations, which he did not not been able to comply, ”Ulag said. TV lawyer Dusan Zak in the insolvency petition.

The “bullying” conduct under the insolvency motion included shutting down the channel, inappropriately presenting the insolvency, or the aforementioned freezing of funds in bank accounts in June of this year. This was linked to the creditor’s efforts to collect a debt of nearly twenty million.

At the end of November, Czech digital group Česká Radiokomunikace filed for bankruptcy against Šlágr TV. In it, Czech Digital Group claimed at the time that the station owed the company 45 million crowns for communications services. Last August, creditors confined the station to a black screen that read Šlágr.

At that time, due to debts, České Radiokomunikace stopped broadcasting the channels lágr TV and Šlágr 2. After that, the station secured the signal via digital broadcasting, but according to her, there was a sharp drop in audience and income.

But according to a statement from the creditor last year, Alágr TV is slowly getting closer to its debt. “The debtor has not paid the seized debts in full; on the contrary, the debts with their foreclosures have grown and are growing uncontrollably every month, and the debtor himself repeatedly declares, even in the media, that he is unable to pay his obligations, ”he said. declared. November insolvency request. Czech digital collection.