BECKY Vardy’s debts have skyrocketed amid her legal battle between Wagatha Christie and Coleen Rooney.

The WAG, wife of Leicester City striker Jamie, 35, has just £8,000 in the bank from her business – with debts of £48,000.


Becky Vardy’s debts have risen amid her legal battle with Wagatha Christie1 credit

Becky’s finances have been revealed in new documents filed by her company BKYV Media Ltd.

The amount Becky, 40, owes has risen from just over £36,000 to £48,579 in a year.

It comes as Becky’s costly legal battle with Coleen, 35, escalates.

The Sun revealed earlier this week how the couple were told they had until April Fool’s Day to serve key witness statements on each other.

Coleen and Becky Vardy Set New Deadline in 'Wagatha Christie' Court Battle
Coleen Rooney

Becky has sued Coleen, wife of Derby County boss Wayne, 36, over claims she leaked stories to the press.

Their libel trial will begin on May 9 in the High Court in London.

Coleen said Becky planted fake stories on Instagram that were only seen from her account, earning her the nickname “Wagatha Christie”.

Last month, Becky’s shocking four-letter WhatsApp rants were made public by the court.

During an exchange, Rebekah sneered, “That stupid cow deserves everything she’s got!” I hope it will be sold massively now.

And in another post, she claimed, “Don’t have her bad mouth with anyone…if she does that my god she’ll be sorry.”

Coleen’s legal team said the messages were the “classic smoking gun”.

The WAG is said to have planted up to 39 false stories about herself as she searches for the person she believes sold information to the media.

Records submitted to the High Court in Becky’s defamation case are said to show they were released after Coleen restricted access to her Instagram in the months before her explosive October 2019 post.

They also show that Becky viewed the posts – but the vast majority did not result in media reports.

A source close to the case said: “It’s dynamite and it appears to significantly undermine Coleen’s case.

“If Becky leaked stories for money, what happened to all the others – the other 36?

Meg and Harry
The former director

“The tapes appear to show that she was watching them and doing nothing.

“That’s what she insists about what happened with the stories that came out in the media and figured into the case – that she wasn’t disturbed enough to think it was important. and that she didn’t need to sell stories about her friend.”

Becky takes Coleen Rooney to court


Becky takes Coleen Rooney to courtCredit: Splash